At first glance, the package from Vicki looked a bit …. disappointing.  I don’t care how ‘krispy’ nor how ‘krunchy’ it is – cod is cod.  Would she really send me seafood?  I know we are embracing a healthier lifestyle, but fish?  Is Vicki nuts?  I mean, what do I really know about this woman?  Maybe it is some kind of Spearfish joke?

P5020003 P5020004

not to worry, our Vicki remains gifter extraordinaire! She assures me that the Milky Way popables were quality tested ….

P5020002 P5020007

little gifties!

As if to prove that she has lost nothing of her sense of humor, Vicki sent along a little something that Kathleen and I can enjoy together!

and finally, saving the best for last …..

did she know I was the only knit blogger left without a copy? did she see my shameless begging at Cara’s site? (see the April 29th entry and comments further notice that I was not the winner) 

Thanks Vicki!!  You’re the best quitting buddy a girl could ask for!  :)

I ::heart:: you!

4 thoughts on “

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you to watch for a package…

    I did NOT see your “shameless begging,” but neither had I seen any mention at all about Stephanie’s book on your blog. She’s on your reading list, though, so it seemed like a safe bet (and if you did already have it, you could gift it).

    It was fun to put together your “fish box” — so glad you love it!

  2. heh, too cute! Let meknow how the foot cream is… I’m always looking for a good foot cream. ;)

    And enjoy that bathrobe time! I’m jealous!

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