Day Two & I Have Access!

As you can see, I have scored Internet access for the second day in a row!  Is it my good looks and charm?   ~one would like to think so, yet one would have to admit that it was just sort of there when one fired up one’s laptop~

Daughter #2 rode today.  She rode in a jumper class.  There were approximately 40 riders and she won an eighth place ribbon!  This is wonderful news!  The Garden State Horse Show is rated at the same level as the Hampton Classic, so the level of competition is higher.  Daughter #2, while being an excellent rider has occasionally let her nerves get the best of her. This is an altogether excellent result and daughter #2 is thrilled!

What color is an eighth place ribbon?  a wonderful brown.

Why no pictures?  because I left the show ‘early’ at 5 pm.  I am back at the hotel room, sipping some wine and the daughters have the camera. 

What else did I leave at the showgrounds?  Halcyon directions.


not to worry darlings, the directions will be brought to the hotel along with the daughters. 

At that point, having nothing to do in this room besides sip wine, I will be so inebriated I should stay far away from the knitting …..

fear not – I am nothing if not sensible.

2 thoughts on “Day Two & I Have Access!

  1. Congratulations to your lovely daughter! That’s great news!

    I’m also happy to hear that Halcyon did not make a permanent exit. :)

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