giddy up

I am posting this entry from a Wyndham hotel room.  I thought they had free high speed Internet access.  This is a five day trip and I am counting on this access to help maintain my sanity.  I was told by the young man at the front desk that the free access is for their club members.  I am not a club member.  Luckily the young man was a kind soul and granted me my evening dose of Internet. 

This is the beginning of the trip.  I am at my most fresh and charming.  It is all downhill from here.

I do not know if I can pull this trick off again.

What am I doing?  Why am I away?

The daughters are riding in a horse show.  I have a wake up call for 5:15 tomorrow morning.  I will spend the whole of these five days getting up at ungodly hours and spending all day and part of the evening at a barn and ringside.

Of course I brought my knitting — I am hoping for great Halcyon progress pictures.

If you don’t hear from me again it is because the front desk to offense to either my demeanor or my odor ….

3 thoughts on “giddy up

  1. I swear, I’d turn on the tears if I had to. Or I’d pay, if it wasn’t too awful much. What are you knitting in the middle of all this horse sh*t, anyway?

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