Halcyon – slow going

Garden_state_horse_show_2005_076_2 I was away for five days.  Most of you know we were at a horse show.  This means that I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do for these five days.  Hours and hours of sitting around and knitting.

I fully expected to finish this sweater.  Well, maybe not finish but at least dazzle myself with how far I got.

This is it.

I am almost finished the back.  I knit about fifty rows.

I couldn’t understand this.  Why so few?  It felt like I was knitting a lot.  Except for the interruptions or the times when my fingers were too cold …..

I timed myself on a row. I thought it was taking me about 5 minutes per row.  Man, oh man —- it took me 18 minutes!! 

So those 50 rows represent 15 hours worth of work.  Not to mention the tinking back I had to do and the fact that I didn’t knit at all on the last two days there.

Why didn’t I knit at all on the last two days?

Because I was drunk.Garden_state_horse_show_2005_062_1

mostly that and because I was stressing over this (click on right hand picture).

what does he have on?  you ask

that’s a face mask – we put it on him to protect his stitches.

yes — the horse ripped open his face right below his eye and required stitches.  Mr. Spencer is not the friendliest of neighbors and got into some kind of altercation with the horse in the next stall.

I am happy to tell you that it is healing beautifully.

I am also happy to tell you that emergency vets at fancy horse shows aren’t nearly as expensive as you might think.

***added later:  as Kathleen has noticed, lots of my animals seem to have eye issues.  I must be some kind of Medusa that they all seem to want to pluck their eyes out.

6 thoughts on “Halcyon – slow going

  1. I think 18 min. a row isn’t too bad. I think St. Brigid, on a RS, takes at least that…if not longer! Time the purl row next time…you’ll feel better. :)

    Sorry to hear about Spencer. Didn’t he just have eye issues last month? Drunk? Really? With whom?

  2. The sweater really looks wonderful. It will be worth all your effort once it is done. Remember it isn’t the work you put into it but the love! Boo Boo kisses for Spencer xxxxx

  3. Oh yeah, I know I shaved a little time off as I progressed, but I was at 4 RPH (rows per hour) when I started St. Brigid. Trying to get back in the groove with Cromarty now and I’m slow, slow, slow!

    (You haven’t been updating in bloglines — did something change?)

  4. I’m sorry to hear about Spencer and very surprised about the vet. In the racing industry, which my hub does, I feel like you sneeze & there is a price tag…
    And by the way, medicinal alcohol is just fine. I would have been a wreck too.

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