what about the minis?

I have spent the past few days reading of everyone’s adventures and misadventures at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.  It has been lots of fun to live vicariously and I have miraculously managed to remain mostly not bitter.

I have been telling myself that I have enough yarn – that I really shouldn’t add to my stash until I whittle some of it away.  I have also held on to the thought of Rhinebeck in the fall – it’s a smaller event where I am less prone to cranky outbursts.  These thoughts combined have made me feel somewhat, if not completely better about missing the festivities.

That is until this morning.  Until I saw this.

Do you see that?

It is a mini.  A little red mini sitting happily in the field/parking lot.

Until now I have thought only of myself – how it was okay for me to miss the fun.

What about Onslow?  What about his feelings?  Why doesn’t he matter??

If I prick him, will he not bleed?Bitter

You realize of course, what this means …… yup 

3 thoughts on “what about the minis?

  1. I wish that you were at MDS&W so I could have met both you and Onslow. For now, though, I’ll have to continue this online love affair with him. Maybe we will meet in Rhinebeck? ;) Oh yes, I think that I prefer Rhinebeck also – fewer crowds and more sheep, definitely!

  2. Something wacky is up w/ my bloglines… it says you haven’t had any new posts since the horseshow (which is clearly incorrect!) WTH??

    Anyway, Onslow woulda LOVED it… And we woulda loved having you! :) As far as firsts… I have a totally unrelated super secret project to work on first before I can touch ANY of my S&W haul… but after that, I think a triangle shawl of some Brooks…

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