I am spoiled!

Garden_state_horse_show_2005_038 Here is a picture of my brother and my SiL.  They came all the way from Rochester to watch their nieces ride in the horse show last week!  Horse shows involve hours of waiting around to ride for 10 minutes – so this was a very large gesture of love.  My brother and I are adult orphans, so we’re all we got.  It’s always great to see them and it’s too bad we live so far away.

My Sil commented that all my blogging buddies are spoiling me —- and it’s true.  I am very spoiled. 

Just today a package arrived from Nancy, my favorite Bronx Girl.  I am very Nancy_002very lucky that Nancy doesn’t spin otherwise she never would have parted with this. Look what she sent – Orchid Delight Dyed Wool & Tussah Silk.  Nancy went to Maryland and felt sorry for me.  Take a look at the card – if my menagerie every gets themselves organized, I’m in serious trouble!

Thank you so much Nancy — this roving is so lovely that I fear I am not worthy.

4 thoughts on “I am spoiled!

  1. I didn’t mention in the card that Rinaldo actually spent about 45 minutes on line for that roving. Of course it was a good excuse for him not to fight his way through the main exhibition hall with me! I let him sit on the grass for a good long rest after he bought it.

    I’m glad you like the roving, it was so beautiful I couldn’t just leave it here for some stranger to pick up!

  2. we enjoy going to the horse show and supporting the girls and will gladly take up ‘your place’ next year in rooting daughter #1 as a member of the alfred u equestrian team

  3. The fiber is Gorge-em-us (Spelled phonetically so you get the true effect).

    I missed that in my traipses through fiberland. You’re right though. no spinner in her right mind would give that up! :)

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