A Fish Story

A package from Anita arrived yesterday!  I can tell that Anita is a much nicer person than I.  (she is also an English doctoral candidate and I feel compelled to use my very best grammar and the biggest words I know)

A while back, Anita and I engaged in a little Spearfish sock side bet.  The thrill of competition got the best of me and I displayed some of my ‘lesser’ character traits. 

I want you to know that I am not proud of this behavior.  Evidence suggests that Anita’s mother did a much better job with her than mine did with me. 

Our wager was for sock yarn.  Look at the bounty Anita sent!


a new knitting bag, luxurious Mountain Colors sock yarn, Dove Chocolates to share with my Boar and Snausages for the poochies!

thanks Anita — you’re the best!

and since you are the last person to feed him, you are Mr. Poe’s favorite! he’s easy like that.

If Anita had been the victor, I certainly would have sent her the sock yarn – I am not a squelcher.  However, I can’t say that I would have been so gracious and generous.

Anita is a great teacher!


5 thoughts on “A Fish Story

  1. Wow, cool stuff from Anita. I like that bag…may have to walk away with me tonight.

    BTW, BOE meeting has been postponed…what should I bring? Embellished cheesecake?

  2. Wow, what a great bag! Are you expecting Katy tonight? Are you taking chances with the good stuff again or breakin’ out the paper plates and Tupperware?

    ; )

  3. girls : you are spoiling ann elizabeth with all these gifts. and those bug eyed dogs definitely dont’ need spoiling but boar could use some spoiling- tee hee

  4. Wow, Anita certainly did come through!

    If you enjoyed the Jawoll, you’ll enjoy the Mountain Colors as well. I have two hanks in my stash, though I haven’t worked it up yet.

    Inquiring minds are wondering what NetFlix arrival is there in the background? I’m snoopy when it comes to what people are reading/watching etc. :-)

  5. Aww shucks! I’m blushing! I’m so glad that you all enjoyed your treats AND I loved the pics!

    Have fun with the sock yarn…I wish I could knit with it, but my mohair allergy says “no!” Hehehehe!

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