let’s get back to happy thoughts …. although I do seem to get more comments when things get a bit ‘stinky’ around here ….

how about some knitting & flowers?

back to the stinky for a brief moment – although I didn’t mention it, I was itching to start another project even while in the midst of the BWA knitalong.  I was holding back from doing so just to make more progress on Halcyon.  Knitting_003

Well, my run in with the roadside shit box led to great feelings of righteous indignation and justifiable casting on.  Here are Whitby socks in the Mountain Colors that Anita sent.  I may be setting myself up for disappointment.

Everytime I knit patterns from this book, I find a problem.  Here is my problem with this particular pattern .  The deep cuff calls for a K2P2 rib, the sock pictured with this pattern does not look like it has a K2P2 rib. I don’t know what stitch pattern that looks like.  Actually I’ve had this problem for quite awhile.  A few months ago I cast on for these socks using some stash yarn when I asked Kathleen her opinion on the cuff situation,she thought it might be the difference in yarns.  I ended up ripping that sock back in disgust. 

I’m knitting these no matter what but would still like to hear from everyone about this …. put the same effort into this question as you did into the excrement!

May_flowers_003 The Daily Flower:  Solomon’s Seal or Polygonatum Odoratum.  (say that three times fast and you’ll feel like Hermione Granger) This is growing not too far from the bleeding heart – btw, I took a picture of the white bleeding heart that I mentioned yesterday.


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  1. Is that Solomon’s Seal wild? Absolutely gorgeous. Some mighty fine photography, too!

    I got my two-month Quitnet email TODAY! Congrats to you, too! Woot!

  2. Ann, the book reads, work k2 p2 on needles 1 & 2, then follow CHART for the 25 center sts. That’s the difference.
    Did you do your homework for Fri?

  3. Hermoine Granger! I loved her part in Music Man/Pick a Little: “Baalllzaaac!” Thanks for the grin of remembrance.

  4. I too have knitted those same socks. One and a half times. I knit one sock of a pair, and was going to submit it for knitting judging for MDS&W, (this was after I had been knitting less than a year) and decided the lovely brown merino was not the best of the pattern for a judging situation. So, before I started the 2nd sock I bought some light grey Socka and knitted a pair with that. They turned out lovely and while I didn’t win anything They did say that I did a lovely job blocking them. Oh, and the bonus? They didn’t fit me! I had to give them to a dear friend of mine. Lucky woman. I have to this day (3 years later) not picked up the 2nd sock. It is my longest sortof unfinished object. It’s technically not unfinished since it hasn’t even been started, but the PAIR is unfinsihed… :)

  5. I made those socks and I had trouble with the directions, too. They did end up turning out well. I did start the Traveler’s socks from that book *5* times before I gave up. I don’t trust her gauges anymore at all.

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