drumroll please …..


Ladies & Gentlemen, will you please direct your attention to my back door?  What a lovely way to greet visitors!  What a darling vignette – how rustic, how charming! How does she do it?  She’s a regular Martha – that Ann is so lucky – always finding treasures on the side of the road!

Yes, it is.  It really is.  The shit milk box.  Would you care for a closer look?  The flowers are Nicotiana and the bright green vine is an Ipomoea batatas Margarita .  That’s right, I planted flowering tobacco.  I thought it only fitting that I plant my old, shitty habit in the box.

Admit it, all you nay sayers…  The box looks great.  And I swear to you – it doesn’t smell!  Doesn’t it make it even lovelier just knowing what it’s been through?  (if that’s true, then logic dictates that I’m a f*ing beauty queen!)

Today is a busy day.  This morning, I am teaching my knitting class (geez- haven’t posted a thing about the class – it’s great and I love it!) and then it’s off to take a girlfriend to lunch for a belated birthday celebration.

and like all great beauty queens everywhere, I must add world peace to my to-do list …. hmmmm, where to begin?  ~taps forehead~ ….oh, I know, I will promote world peace by taking shit and turning it into a thing of beauty …..oops!  I mean poo.

ps.  after you are done posting a comment about my lovely planter (and you know you want to), run on over to Cara’s, she’s selling her fabulous photos! get ’em while they’re hot!

12 thoughts on “drumroll please …..

  1. Yeah, yeah (she says grudgingly) if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it looked all shabby chic and cute and all and I’d appreciate the irony of planting tobacco and stuff.


    Okay. I’m done. I promise I’ll never mention shit on your blog again. ;-)

    Thanks for the link!

  2. The planter looks great! Are you sure you didn’t come up with the story about the poo to scare people off from stealing your new treasure? Keep an eye on Kathleen when she visits or you will have one less milk box/planter! LOL

  3. It looks lovely Ann. Would you like to come to my house for a visit to help me plant a garden? I could use a talented eye for plants like you have… :)

  4. Wonders with a shit-box! It’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve seen and I might just have to get me one of those. I absolutely LOVE the planting of the Nictotiana! I bow…

  5. Ann, glad you liked the Feet Up Friday photo on my blog. You can use it if you like. I’ll post about where I found it later as I have a small file of wonderful photos I want to use, and then I’ll tell all!
    Great planter.

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