quite contrary

Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 

our favorite rebel, Kathleen has proposed we post pictures of why our gardens are such a wreck. 

At the moment, here in the beginning of the growing season, my gardens are looking fairly decent.  After the long and harsh winter, anything green looks good.

Give it time.

As the summer wears on and on and on and the dog days are upon me the gardens will not look so verdant.  They will take on a seen-better-days look. 

Ever get so drunk at a party, wake up in some strange place the next morning and have to find your way home? 


me neither.  But anyway, that’s how the gardens will look come August.  Like someone who drank too much the night before and now the harsh light of 11:00 a.m. is shining.  And that smudgy mascara that looked so smoky and sexy the night before is making you look like a train wreck now.

what?  oh, yeah —- why my gardens will look like shit before you know it …..

Exhibit A and Exhibit B

besides all the neglect that I heap upon the plants, these two will make sure that everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  On hot and humid days Exhibit A likes nothing better than to lay in a bed of hosta.  Forget the cool brick patio, the air conditioning indoors.  Nothing says arctic blast for Lucy like a nice clump of hosta.  Hosta which will never recover and will spend the rest of the season looking like a giant unmade bed.

Then there is Exhibit B.  Although we have not been through a summer season with Mr. Poe, if we follow his trajectory we can see where it will lead.  Mr. Poe finds the best spot to empty his bladder is in the pachysandra.  I am just happy he’s doing the nasty outdoors.  I can imagine that the pachysandra will not feel the same way about it that I do.

I don’t have a slug problem as much as I have a pug problem.  shall I try sprinkling salt on them?

7 thoughts on “quite contrary

  1. Oh, Ann. My own little Exhibit A is a digger; that’s why what little there is of my garden will look like shit soon! Should we install decorative fencing or something?

  2. I have exhibit c,d& e: cats. I also have quite an iimpressive bit of catmint in the garden, though by July when everyone elses is a mass of tall beautiful purple spikes, mine is flattened from c, d & e laying in it.

  3. As I suggested with Moe, and the puking–I propose you pee on Poe. It even sounds nice.

    Poe will keep your garden well watered–with the hose water he loves to chase. And if you put Miss Lucy on a diet she wouldn’t kill quite as many Hosta.

    How ’bout them dandylions in the front yard? ;)

  4. This week is a total bust for me, but if I can get my butt out of bed early enough tomorrow, I promise to throw up a photo of a winter-killed shrub. That oughta make you feel better! ;-)

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