Grammy’s Pet

Julia of Knitting History is hanging up her hat.  Julia was one of my very first blogging buddies.  Her life has become too busy – as we all know, blogging is a huge time investment and Julia has a dissertation to write.  Her site focused not only on her own projects, but on the history of knitting.  Julia’s sidebar is a wealth of historical knitting pattern links.  If you have an interest, get over there and bookmark them, she will be taking her site down and that info will be gone.  Anyway, my best wishes go with her and I certainly hope she checks in every now and again.   ~sniff~

I am using Typepad’s delayed posting feature.  Tomorrow morning I will be stuck in rush hour traffic on my way to work.  I have been teaching a knitting class at a Wellness Center on Thursday mornings.  The class runs for an hour and a half.  As ridiculous as this is – in the morning, it takes me an hour to get there!  In fact this drive should take approximately 25 minutes, but such is the nature of the Long Island Expressway at 8:00 a.m.

I have been thoroughly enjoying this little job of mine.  Everyone I have met is so enthusiastic.  Many of them really don’t need a knitting class — they just need a small dose of confidence and the ability to correct mistakes.  Somehow, learning to pick up a dropped stitch is a turning point.  If you know you can fix it, then you aren’t afraid to make the mistake and it frees you.  You can relax and enjoy.

Do you remember that magic moment?  the moment when it hit you – that you can simply pick up that stitch.  that you didn’t need to panic and run screaming to your LYS, or in my case call your Grandmother long distance and lash out at her in unattractive ways?

thank God that woman loved me enough to put up with that shit …. and I did call back and apologize – I may have been cranky, but I wasn’t a complete ass.  And I was always her favorite, so she must have forgiven me …..

6 thoughts on “Grammy’s Pet

  1. Hey, you aren’t baiting me, I will be the first to admit you WERE Grammy’s FAVORITE! Now my sister on the other hand will probably take issue with your declaration. She likes to think of herself as Gram’s favorite. However, I think in the end I gave you a run for your money! LOL

  2. I have mailed stuff to my mom to fix. When we lived in MA and I hadn’t bought the yarn at my LYS…yup. Priority Mail is a friend to the inexperienced knitter. Damn those Inox needles for breaking on my very first Dale sweater. It was like #2 needles and close to 3 or 400 stitches. I am still traumatized.

  3. While I don’t necessarily remember first fixing my mistakes – I do remember helping my sister first fix her mistake – over the phone! We were both triumphant really.

    Have fun today – LIE be damned! (I’m beginning to think the NJTpike is learning the LIE’s dirty little secrets. And I’m not happy about it.)

  4. Every morning I “write” a great little traffic rant on my way to work — it’s not even quantity, it’s quality (or lack thereof). But now I read about your drive and poor Cara’s comments and… I’ll just be right over here, okay? I’ve got NOTHING to complain about!

    *sniff* Oh, I’m going to miss (have missed) Julia’s blog. I just blubbered all over her comments. I don’t know how often she visited mine, but I loved it on those rare occasions when she’d comment — always right on target and illuminating. *sniff*

  5. Oh, but if only someone (anyone!) could fix my biggest and ugliest mistakes in lace knitting when I haven’t put in a lifeline and it’s so hard to go back. Some stitches just can’t be backed up effectively.

    Now there’s a good mailorder business if I ever saw one: mail me your knitting, and for a small fee, I’ll fix it up and send it back! Did Kathleen’s mom charge her a fee? ;-)

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