right on!

Editor’s note:  No bloggers were harmed in the making of this post.  This has nothing to do with my imaginary world and everything to do with the real deal …..


Enough with the dutiful, responsible stuff. You’ve paid your dues. You’ve been diligent, trustworthy and reliable. Now it’s time to say something you’ve been holding back. Better prep the audience before you start talking, though. It’s only fair.

Some of you will read this and think wtf?  others will say, at long last ….

If I were to heed this advise, I would need to start another blog — an anonymous one.  The stories I could tell. 

There has been all kinds of crap happening around here lately.  People whose only agenda is to shit on the world.  Professional victims – they slay me.

Isn’t it nice though, when someone takes the argument to a new low?  I have been informed that there are people who are thinner than me, who have nicer legs and that my teeth are crooked!  Wow.  What does one say, how to respond?  How can I hope to recover from such barbs?  The shock almost killed me. 

Darling, you make it so easy to walk away. 

Thank you, thank you for that. 

9 thoughts on “right on!

  1. i gather you must have received a reply to your email since i can think of no other who would say those things to you. “water off a duck’s back” i say!

  2. Ignorant people are just that…ignorant. Sometimes I think it is “the ignorant’s green-eyed monster of jealousy” that prompts someone to think they must say those things. Poor them, you have to feel sorry for them. Don’t waste your time, there are plenty of people who enjoy the pleasure of your company whether it be in-person or in Blog-Land. Just look at your “hits site meter” and that says it all… Love you lots!!!

  3. Gah! There are days when I really want to rant and rave on my blog….but then I remember that the objects of my ire are readers and I get over myself (present company and all of your commenters excluded, of course!). Just let it out, baby…some people are just stupid and should be called out for being so.

  4. Holy Hannabell. Who the freak would be rude enough to say such a thing to anyone, let alone someone as sweet as you. Sorry, but people can be total f-wits sometimes.

    I think you’re perfect the way you are, and so does your Boar I’m bettin’ and that’s what really matters. ;)

  5. Whose been picking on you? Show ’em the business end of your knitting needle, and wrap some EuroFlax around their nasty necks! There, I feel better now.

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