Retro_rib_socks_004 It is about time I posted some knitting pictures! 

Anita sent me this gorgeous Mountain Colors yarn.  I first cast on for the Whitby Socks from Knitting on the Road.  After a couple of inches however, it was clear that the pattern and the yarn were not the best match.  It was suggested I try the Retro Rib pattern from Interweave’s Winter 2004 issue.

I think it could be love.

The Boar and I went into the city on Sunday for Fleet Week.  We waited online for two hours – two hours! – to see the aircraft carrier The JFK.  I got a lot of knitting done – our fellow line standers thought I might be able to finish a sweater while we waited.  You realize that I could care less about touring aircraft carriers.  The Boar however was thrilled.  I look on it as a deposit into the good-marital-karma account.  Here are some pics

Fleet_week_2005_jfk_007 Fleet_week_2005_jfk_006

9 thoughts on “

  1. Hey that’s my airplane over there!

    I don’t see what could make for a better day than knitting and airplanes. That’s how I like to spend my free time!

  2. You are a super wife! We have to do those things, don’t we. Nice to be appreciated, though. :)
    The sock is gorgeous – I love that pattern!

  3. It’s a great pattern, isn’t it? I’m stalled on the second one, though, but mostly I think because I haven’t had a lot of knitting time lately. The yarn looks great!

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