blogging pantry

This morning I was having trouble coming up with something, anything to blog about.  I decided to check through my archives of drafts.  I usually save memes and the sorts for just such occasions.  It is my little blogging reserve – my canned goods as it were!  Here we have a meme — I have no idea who sent it to me, although I suspect it was Mindy since she is in one of the answers I wrote.

1. Do you knit continental or English?
English – I have been tinkering around with continental for use during ribbing and moss stitch patterns.  I am still no good at it, so it’s English all the way.  I also enjoy the ‘living history’ of knitting styles and would never switch on a permanent basis, since I consider it an heirloom from my grandmother.

2. How long ago did you learn to knit?  at some point during elementary school.  shall I do the math?  I’m 42, I was probably 10 …… so 32 years ago?

3. First FO?
who can remember back that far.  I seem to remember a doll blanket and a crocheted teddy bear, an afghan and loads of I-cord from that little knitting mushroom gadget!

4. Favorite yarn? Lamb’s Pride and Mountain Colors
5. Favorite pattern? I am really loving the Retro Rib Sock pattern
6. Favorite pattern source?I love Interweave Knits as well as Knitty and MagKnits

7. Favorite needles?
Until recently, Denise circs – the swiss army knife of knitting needles. ** I have blatantly stolen Gidget’s answer, amen to that! 

Kathleen has turned me onto Addi-Turbos, my collection is growing and anytime I can use them, I do.

8. Nicest thing you’ve ever knit? hard to say — like a true knitting Lothario, I’ve loved them all!

9. Most hated project? a sweater that put me off knitting for a number of years — cheap yarn, lousy color choice and my thought that I had to finish that particular project before starting another led to the ‘dark’ years of non-knitting. I finally gave myself permission to throw the whole project in the garbage (knitting bag and all!) and have been knitting steadily ever since.

2 thoughts on “blogging pantry

  1. [psst… my boss is outta town til tomorrow, but i think the 22nd would be good… :D :D :D]

    in other comment news, i absolutely loved “learning” that i could trash something i didn’t like… as a matter of fact, i have just done that very thing with the hex from hell afghan, she is being reborn slowly as the why-do-diagonal-blankets-take-so-much-@#$-longer-than-straigt-on-ones afghan. (But still better than facing 56 hexagons.)

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