january #1

Have you seen Cara’s cards?  The sheep photos she took at Maryland?  Well, mine arrived yesterday and to say they are lovely is an understatement.  These cards are so beautiful that mine will be framed.  It would not only be ridiculous, but a feeble attempt for me to take a picture of these cards …. suffice to say, they are the actual photos framed in card stock.

Do you have a bare wall?   Are you in need of some original artwork? 

Got Sheep?

go see Cara!

7 thoughts on “january #1

  1. Oopsadaisy — and you’re off teaching folks to knit, I’ll bet.

    I can’t wait! I just got notification that my order has been sent — I ordered some florals, too. Don’t remember if there are daisies, but pansies for sure! ; )

  2. Beautiful, aren’t they?!? I agree on the framing idea and am considering ordering a large-sized floral print for our house. Sheer works of art they are! Where are you hanging them?

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