hot fun in the summertime…

Sounds like Chelsea and Snowball want some slippers.  Thank you for all your kind comments about the baby booties.  I finished the second one last night while watching an excellent show on PBS called The Journey of Man.  The bootie pattern is an old family favorite – because of the little tie around the ankle, these botties are next to impossible for a baby to wiggle out of.  If anyone would like the pattern, let me know.  I am not worried about copyright infringement  in this case, my copy is a sheet of paper handwritten by my Gram.  She always had a few pairs of these tucked in a drawer at the ready for any last minute baby gift.

The temps are going up around here — today it will be in the 90’s.  As the mercury’s rising, my stats are dropping.  (yes, I am a stats whore)  Am I giving off an odor?  Do these hot days call for less pork and more salad?  Or shall I not take this personally at all and assume that people are on vacation? 

I did notice a spike in my stats when I related my run in with excrement-in-the-milkbox.  Is that what you people want?  Shall I make it less knitting/PBS specials and more gritty human drama??

My gritty human drama for the day ….. hmmmm ….. usually my biggest drama is what to make for dinner.  Today’s big excitement will be scooping the yard and mowing the lawn.

How about this – I’ll leave you with a cliff hanger, I’ll have you crying out for more ……

on Friday I’m going to a Sex Toys Party.  (I have typed that using a special font that makes it invisible to beloved Aunties’ eyes…)

11 thoughts on “hot fun in the summertime…

  1. Woohoohoo, FAinPA swings it back to you!!

    And I most certainly agree — the sex (toys) talk will certainly up those stats. Haven’t checked mine in a while, and now I’m curious…

  2. I am truly jealous of the sex toys party but we won’t go there…

    I do think the slow down is because of summer. I did however refer to your post today just so I could say sex toys and excrement in the same sentence. What can I say, I’m a whore for stats…

  3. GAH! I’ll never take a Maymester class again…there’s too much happening in the blogosphere…

    sex toys? I assume we’ll have pics and lurid descriptions?

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