chit chat ….

I think I’m in trouble.  Things have gone too far …… what is going to happen to me? 

Here is a conversation between me and my friend regarding the sex-toy party (which btw, has not led to an increase in my stats – a matter of fact yesterday someone came to my site by doing a google search on Lovely Ann —– awwww!!)

Okay – back to the dirty talk…..

  • friend:  So I talked to my cousin and the party starts at 7:30.  I figure  we   should leave by seven to get there in time.
  • me:  sounds good – I can’t believe we’re going to one of these things…
  • friend:  Oh yeah, before I forget – my cousin wants everyone to bring a pillow.
  • me?

Not to be outdone – here is a later conversation between me and Boar

  • Boar: so what’s on tap for this weekend?
  • Me:  well, on Friday I’m going to a sex-toy party with Friend.
  • Boar:  WTF?
  • here I get into an explanation about the party. Boar is actually paying attention.
  • Me: So what’s my spending limit?
  • Boar: Oh, you know, use your judgement ….

~note: rarely, if ever, does Boar tell me to use my judgement when it comes to the greenbacks~

6 thoughts on “chit chat ….

  1. Hmmm, this is sounding more and more like a very interesting party.

    Hmmm, what do you think your judgement is on this Ann, I mean it is a Sex toy party for heaven’s sake! :)

  2. You know how little kids get fancy toys and often end up playing with the box instead? Remember that when you see all the bells and whistles on those toys. And then go home and play with your box. :)

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