let sleepin dogs lay lie

One of my favorite imaginary friends is having a tough couple of days.  Go to her site and leave many encouraging comments.  She has asked me to post some puppy pictures to cheer her.  I am more than happy to oblige, first and foremost because I am a nice person – secondly, I have nothing to blog about.  No knitting.  No nothing.  It is like 94-freakin-degrees here and we are hot, hot, hot! 

Here are a couple of melting pugs ……

June_13th_hot_005 June_13th_hot_007

watch what happens when I whistle at them  …..

June_13th_hot_004 June_13th_hot_009

man oh man is Lucy ever good at ignoring me – now, if I had opened the refrigerator door, that would get her attention!


one cool cat

4 thoughts on “let sleepin dogs lay lie

  1. If you think about it, that makes sense when one is melting. Refrigerator = cool air, and food which is a happy bonus. :)

    Which of your friends is having a blue day Ann?

    And your Lucy actually looks like she really is melting!

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