heat advisory ….

Today marks the first day of final exams.  The girls only need to be in school when they have a test.  Daughter #2 had her English final scheduled for 7:40 this morning.  She and I left the house at 7:15 — she was a bit nervous.  Due to traffic lights and morning congestion it takes at least fifteen minutes to get from our house to the school – this would leave her plenty of time to find the room and settle down.

No sooner do I drop her off and am on the way home than my cell phone rings. It is now about 7:35.  Daughter #2 is telling me I need to go home and get her a tee shirt.  She has not passed the school dress code.

Let me take this moment to say that I fully support the school dress code.  I think that it is a good and right thing.  However, Daughter #2 was more covered up today than she was yesterday.  Yesterday’s sundress was much more revealing than today’s tank top.  Here is a link to a similar tank top.

Anyway, back to the story — there is no time for me to get all the way home and back with a tee shirt for her without cutting into a large chunk of the testing time.

What was I wearing, you ask?

I had pretty much rolled out of bed an pulled on my MSWF tee shirt that Lizzy B sent.  My ensemble was complete with leggings (not a good look for me btw), bed head and no bra!  (why yes, Daughter #2 and I are a couple of floozies)

For a brief moment in time, I thought  Well, she and I will just trade shirts. This is a strong indication of the alternate reality I inhabit where I actually think for the briefest of moments that her shirt would fit me.

What to do?

Luckily I keep an emergency rain poncho in the trunk.  This is a gigantic, plastic affair.

Picture this if you will —- It is already eighty degrees outside. The humidity level is high. There I am, bra-less with wild hair, wrapped in duck yellow plastic sheeting, driving my electric blue little racing car home through the maddening crowd.

she better wear a turtle neck tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “heat advisory ….

  1. Way to go MOM!

    Although, I’m sweaty just thinking about it.

    Hope she did well on the test – stupid school! Why not make her more nervous for finals? I hope you went home, put on some clothes and went back to give them hell.

  2. I’m down here in florida nearly peeing myself at the thought of you in a yellow poncho, flapping boobies, racing home in dear onslow. TOO FUNNY, you’ve outdone yourself this time.

  3. hahaha ANN!!! I havent been here in a long time, SOOO glad I tuned in today. You get Mom of the year award for this gem of a story!!!

  4. if you lived here in rochester, you could have driven home topless! it isn’t against the law but it probably is against everything proper. haha. next time have daughter #2 carry a tee shirt with her or better yet foresake style for assurity. ;-)

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