Brace yourselves ladies (and gentlemen?).  I know you come here for wild tales of sex toy parties, for the occasional public nudity, the broken glass, the wild pack of dogs ….. but knitting??  I bet you even forgot that this is a knitting blog!

Without further ado, I present my Retro Rib Socks!Retro_rib_socks_005  The pattern is from Interweave Winter 2004 issue.  The yarn is Mountain colors (thanks Anita!). 

These are luxurious socks – so soft and cozy.  I am amazed at how fantastic hand made socks feel on your feet.  I did not make the calf length as long as the pattern called for.  In a typical Ann maneuver, I panicked and thought I wouldn’t have enough yarn to complete both socks and now I have some leftover!  oh well. (at this point, I would say live and learn, but it would seem that I am never going to learn)

My knitting attention will now be switched back to Halcyon.  I have vowed to get a pattern repeat or two finished before casting on for anything else!

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  1. They turned out great!! (And you beat me – I haven’t finished my second yet – it’s been too hot to knit fiddly wool lately, but I’ll pick them back up again shortly.)

  2. the socks are lovely – all the ones you have knit are. how many socks have you knit now? and for those of us who have never had a pair of ‘hand knit’ socks, please tell me exactly how they feel on your feet ;-)

  3. They look great! I’m so glad that you had enough yarn and that you like it…those are some snappy socks!

    Good luck with the Halcyon…but are you sure you aren’t wanting to join the Summer Of Lace?

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