What’s More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys?

P6260078 A Pack of Aunties!

From left to right – YA in PA, Daughter #1, the Auntie that is too busy to read my blog and FA in PA.

And guess what today is??

FA in PA’s Birthday!  she’s probably sitting by the phone right now, waiting for me to call.   

Happy Birthday FA!!

~ please leave her a comment — she loves reading those comments!

12 thoughts on “What’s More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys?

  1. We had a grand time in NY — and now, I have a claim to fame — I’m posted on the blog! Purling Swine, YOU ARE SUCH A RASCAL !! Love you lots, FA in PA

  2. happy birthday fa.( a day late sorry ) it was good to see you and the other aunties.
    ann e: when can we see the other pics especially since we didn’t bring our camera?
    please send

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