like mother, like daugter

Wow!!  You guys are great!!  Check out all the comments for FA in PA!  Who here things she needs a blog of her own?!!  Boy, the stories she could tell — perhaps it’s best if she remains silent ….

The news from these parts – Daughter #2 is knitting! 


When Daughter #2 was little she learned how to knit.  She was a good knitter.  But soon other things caught her attention. 

Last summer while with me on a trip to AC Moore, D#2 wanted to buy some yarn to make her friend a scarf.  I was very excited and began imagining cozy, mother/daughter afternoons. 

Hope was premature.  That yarn soon made its way into the stash pile.

Well, my long wait is over.  Just yesterday, Daughter #2 decided to take the plunge.  It was the seventh day of her summer vacation and she was bored already.

She is about three inches into a garter stitch scarf!  I will try to get a picture up soon.  Do you think it is too soon to start imagining those cozy afternoons again? To take her shopping for knitting bags? To discuss future projects?

Shall I play it cool, or do I swamp her with my enthusiasm?

Is cool even a possibility?

7 thoughts on “like mother, like daugter

  1. Yay! Hope she keeps it up. I’m seeing lots of nice Hallmark moments in your future. ;-)

    (So sue me! I’m feeling snarky today! MWAH!)

  2. Oh, I’m never very good at playing it cool when the girls pick up needles and yarn — I always blow it! And my girls, I’m learning, are definitely NOT process, zen knitters, it’s eye-on-the-prize all the way!

  3. Definitely play it cool, but leave irresistible yarn and trendy patterns laying around casually. I have not had any success at indoctrinating my daughter or niece into the Cult of Knitting!

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