is anyone else finding slower loading with Typepad since their upgrades this weekend?  I have been doing my usual blog reading and was trying to leave comments but became frustrated ….. 

well Daughter #2 had two of her wisdom teeth extracted this morning – the other two will be done in a few months.  She seems to be doing alright – a little puffy, a little teary but mostly okay.  She is watching SpongeBob at the moment – if Patrick can’t make her smile, nothing can!

I have indeed been knitting – just not taking pictures since the battery for my camera needs a charge.  I have managed to do a few rows on Halycon and am about to turn a heel on the first of my Go With the Flow socks from Interweave’s summer issue.

In getting the link for those socks, I see that Interweave is putting out a special issue called Knitscapes – it is due out at the beginning of October.  Does anyone know if subscribers will receive this issue, or do we have to order it?  What is the story on this magazine?  I heard that Interweave was recently sold – I wonder if this has anything to do with it.  Who has the skinny on it?

Did I mention that I am having a visitor?  She arrives on July 22nd!  We shall be doing a NYC tour on the 23rd.  Cara did such an excellent job of organizing Vicki’s recent visit and she has volunteered to do the same for Chelsea!  The 24th will be spent poolside with icy drinks and knitting until she has to catch her train back home again.  So who is up for some fun??!!  Can you join us in the city?  by the pool?  Both???!!!

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  1. I’m mostly frustrated with the comment thingy that doesn’t remember my name! I did put in a complaint. The more the merrier. They did say things would be slow for awhile. Wish I could be there with you all later this month!

  2. I had a complaint about the slow loading of my blog today. I don’t like how I’m receiving comments in email from Typepad rather than the actual person (or not receiving them via email at all). I’m trying to be patient and not complain and let them get the kinks out. But they better hurry up.

    OMG. I love Patrick!! I was grocery shopping with Ali the other day and Patrick caught my eye in so many places (and made me smile each and every time). Did you know that you can get cute, little sugar Patricks (and S.Bob) to decorate your cake?? Katie used to do this silly impression of him from an episode that I’ve never even seen, but just the way she’d say “inflatable pants” (in Patrick’s voice, of course) would just crack me up.

    Okay, yeah, you could say that I’ve got a thing for P. ; )

    I need a business where I can do business in NY and fly there every month to S&B — I mean work — and write it off as a business expense. Huh?

  3. Knitscapes will be like the special crochet issue. But I can’t remember if subscribers got that automatically. I wasn’t a subscriber then. I know that shops that carry IK will get Knitscapes too without placing a specific order for it.

  4. I was just complaining that I don’t have enough friends with pools, therefore I must attend on Sunday the 24th! I’ll try to drag Maribel too.

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