it’s getting hot in here

There is so much to say that I don’t know where to begin …..

Daughter #1 left for Florida yesterday.  She went with a girlfriend.  They will be doing Disney and then staying with her friend’s cousins for a few days.  This is her first extended time away and certainly her first vacation on her own.  Of course I realize that she will be going to college in August and will be on her own in no time.  She has been very good about phoning home and they are having a great time.

For the past week, I have been going to yoga.  (perhaps this is helping me stay calm as my poor baby is all alone without me in Florida!)  My friend Ricki has been a yoga devotee for years … and it shows!  She is long and lean and very, very centered.  A few years ago I did Bikram yoga with her and liked it very much.  I stopped because it took so much time.  The classes are an hour and a half and you are so saturated with sweat that you must shower immediately.  So a 9:30 class will mean that you aren’t ready to start the day until 12:30 or so.  Anyway, Ricki has found a new studio and they are running a summer special and I have been loving it again.  It still takes just as much time, somehow it doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore.  Now that I don’t have little children anymore (just big children that still need their mother and maybe are missing her right at this very moment when they are in Florida!) my schedule isn’t tied to getting things done when they are in school.  Anyway, I have been going to yoga everyday and I feel about an inch and a half taller!

In other news, Daughter #2 is having two of her wisdom teeth out tomorrow.  Poor D#2!!  While she is recuperating, she and I will have that cozy knitting time I mentioned earlier.  When D#1 gets home, she will be in the chair having all four taken out.  Do you think either of these two will let me post pictures of their chipmunk cheeks??

Lastly, go check out my cousin’s website – he owns and operates a tugboat service company in Puget Sound.  how cool is that?

2 thoughts on “it’s getting hot in here

  1. Ali went ALL THE WAY to Milwaukee yesterday and I had palpitations on and off ’til she got home — I think it’s a necessary part of the master plan for growing up and moving out!

    I have never done yoga, but think I should (I think I’d like it). I’d love to feel taller! ; )

    I tip my chocolate malt — good luck, girls!

  2. That’s awesome about the yoga. I keep meaning to get into it at the Y…best intentions…mutter…road to hell… :) I am sure D#1 is doing terrific! And good luck to both of them with their teeth.

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