ahoy matey!

                                           Lizzies_scarf_003 Lizzies_scarf_002

At long last – some knitting pictures!  On the left is my Go With the Flow socks.  The pattern is from Interweave’s summer issue.  I am using the Magic Loop method and Fortissima yarn.  On the right right is D#2’s garter stitch scarf.  I believe the yarn is Katia …. can’t remember exactly.

Are you noticing my beautiful new photographic technique?  One that involves tricky photography things like …. focus?  It’s true, it’s true —- I have learned a little something from the Master.  I was given an impromptu photography lesson in NYC — perhaps there is hope for me yet. 

Cara may have gotten better pictures on my blog, but I don’t know about the ‘busting’ out she’s after.  If you recall, she feels that my site does not adequately reflect my ‘far out’ nature.  I think what she really means is that I curse a whole lot more in person than I do on the site. 

I curse like a sailor.

so does she!

7 thoughts on “ahoy matey!

  1. Funny, so do I! I’ve tried to curb this in the blog.

    That sock yarn is beautiful! Is it shiny? The garter stitch scarf is looking lovely also. :)

  2. I really and truly did get my mouth washed out with soap once… or twice… whatever. Do people DO that anymore? I’m not sure I’ve ever even threatened it to my kids, at least not without chuckling!

    The sock looks great! The scarf looks great (yay, D2, how are you feeling?)! The photography looks GREAT!

  3. D2 has talent. So does the mom, so why wouldn’t she…
    Now ladies, my mouth can be alittle “foul” but let’s get it under control. What would our mothers’ say? Palmolive tastes better than Ivory.

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