go ahead, I dare you!

A few days ago, I mentioned that I have been doing some yoga.  It is Bikram yoga, done for an hour and a half in very high heat.  The temperature in the room gets into the 100’s.  The sweat pours off like a dripping faucet.  Really.  The sweating thing is unbelievable.  It gets to be so much sweat that you become completely and totally saturated and can almost convince yourself that it’s not really sweat at all, but water.  And that you are in fact clean, cleaner than you’ve ever been.  Last night I was wearing a new sports top/bra.  During the floor work, I left a very clear imprint of my torso on my towel — the color in the top bled onto my towel like I had thrown it into a hot wash.

I have done the yoga everyday for eight days!  The first week I was going on a summer special they were running ($20 for the week), and tafter that I signed up for three months. 
I am also doing a yoga challenge.  It is a motivational thing — to do yoga for 30 straight days and you will get a month membership for free.  If you know that you have a day that you can’t make it, you can do two in one day.  According to my calendar there are three days at the end of the month that won’t work for me.  So I did two classes in a row last night — and lived to tell about it!
Why do I do things this way?  I know I need to exercise – quitting smoking has put some more pounds on me and enough is enough.  I was starting to feel stiff and creaky.  But why not just start by taking a walk around the block? 

Oh no, if I can’t go overboard, then I’m not going at all!

12 thoughts on “go ahead, I dare you!

  1. annie you are so sick! I tried that place ONCE and never went back, I had all the signs of a stroke! I cant believe you did 2 classes! again, I MUST say- Your ARE the hippest chick I know! xo

  2. OMG, I am so glad there is another person out there that must go to extremes! LOL! I may even want to try this method of Yoga! Good luck on getting the free membership!

  3. YOU DID TWO CLASSES IN A ROW???? Are you NUTS?! They LET you???! I do Bikram, and I bow down to you for that. I cannot conceive of it. Nor the Bikram Challenge. Boy, up here the Bikram Challenge is not what yours is. No free month….it’s completely one-sided as far as I can tell. Crap, now you’ve made me feel like a real slacker.

  4. No more chunkilicious?!?

    You’re crazy. But then again, G always laughs at me cause I can’t even do downward dog.

    The heat thing – no way jose. I hate being hot. It’s one thing if I’m running outside in the breeze – but in a room with all these other people and the sweat flying – more power to you girl!

  5. I’ve been known to talk about needing exercise and I walk my pup every day but I don’t do anything regularly. Kudos to you for sticking with it!

  6. Wow! 8 days of yoga?! I’ve been talking about doing that Bikram yoga for a while. Even found a studio. Just haven’t made the commitment. Hats off to you!

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