My eyes! My eyes!

Do you have a favorite spot?  I have a number of them — when at the movies, I like to sit on the side, not in the center, and anywhere from the midway point to the back of the theater.  Anything else is too close.

In yoga class, I also always choose the back row and a bit off from the center.  Come to think of it, no matter where I am, that’s where I like to be.

Does this say something about me?

I tell you one thing — I always have a pretty good view.

Like the other day for example…..

It was a six o’clock class and it was crowded!  The yoga studio is just a little ways down from the train station and there were plenty of people just on their way home from work.

I had taken up my usual position in the back row, just off of center.  We all had to move our mats much closer than normal in order to accommodate everyone.

Class was just about to start when in walked this very wiry, small man.  He was covered in tattoos and had a huge dread locked hairdo that came to the middle of his back.  From what I could make out his tattoos all had religious and/or political overtones. Not that I was staring.

He had to wedge himself in and took a place right in front of me where there really should be a walking aisle, but since the class was so crowded, people were setting up.

It’s yoga – it’s all good.

It’s all good until the floor poses.

The ones where you lay on your stomach and look forward while raising one or both legs.

Are you following this?  Do you see where this is leading??

My little yoga friend nearly burnt out my retinas. 

I realize of course, that my path to inner peace should not be predicated on whether or not my mat neighbor is free-balling – but it does make things difficult.

10 thoughts on “My eyes! My eyes!

  1. As my peeps would say, Laissez les bon temps roulez!

    I think, my dear, that it is not you busting out…but your classmate. What are people thinking when they are getting ready to work out in public? GAH!

    Was he sort of good looking at least? From your description, I’m not holding out much hope. Now, if that was Rodney…

  2. Excellent! (Post that is.)

    But what about the farting? Is there much farting going on? I’ve always heard that there’s lots of farting in yoga. You know, all that letting go and everything….

  3. Oh.My. I have not had that “pleasure.” Thank goodness. We do have a husband and wife, aged hippies who thankfully don’t come to class (usually) at the same time, because of some childcare issues or something. Anyway, they both have the flatulence problem of which Cara makes mention. Not pleasant!

  4. OK, Cara is cracking me up, so I have to share this tidbit…

    It’s a story about a new concept gym, “Lord’s Gym” built on good clean family values. In the last couple of paragraphs, the guy attends a “Yo-God” class (more Christian! less Hindu!). After someone “lets go” in the dark, and everyone giggles, the instructor quietly says “That’s just God blowing kisses”

    To which my sweet Baboo responded, after reading said article, “Well, the Lord sure needs a breath mint, then.”

  5. All I can think of is that one episode of friends & Pheobe’s current boyfriend on the chair @ Central Perk. Too funny. I think yours is way more amusing. Air ball………

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