mad hot

This weekend,  I went with a friend to see Mad Hot Ballroom.  If you have the opportunity to see this movie, you should seize it — it had the whole audience cheering! 

Our town has a wonderful Cinema Arts Center.  Whenever I go there, I feel … smarter

With the cost of movies tickets (not to mention the popcorn!) these days, I won’t go to a movie unless I really want to see it.  I deeply, deeply resent the commercials that they run before the feature.  I am not referring to the trailers for upcoming movies – I mean those artfully done BMW/Pepsi/Coke/ mini films – which in the end are just commercials.  The reason that regular television is free is because of the commercials — they have some nerve running those commercials and charging what they do!  ergh.

Anyway, back to the Cinema Arts Center ….. I love it.  I have been going there for many years and have only ever not enjoyed one film. That was Atanarjuat – The Fast RunnerI will say that even though a three hour movie about Inuits is not my cup of tea, it gave me something to think about and talk about with the group I went with — we still talk about it from time to time.

When Chelsea comes to visit this weekend, maybe we can see what’s playing ….  Speaking of that, Cara had some family obligations come up so she will not be joining us  ~sniff~ 

I have spoken with Chelsea and we may change our city plans to some staying on the island doing yoga, playing with spinning wheels, wiggling our toes in the sand and getting pampered with polish.  We will see what the weather has to say about that.  On Sunday I am hosting a bloggers’ get together poolside – I know that Nancy & Maribel and Kathleen will be coming …..  anyone else? Someone will be celebrating their birthday.  They have requested carrot cake.  I won’t say who since they may get embarassed, but there will be singing (and cake)!

ps.  how do we all feel if I add some coconut to the cream cheese frosting??

8 thoughts on “mad hot

  1. Yuck. Coconut. Well, that is to say I like the taste, but hate the texture. So if it’s just coconut taste, then I say YAY! If it’s actual bits of coconut I’m sticking with Yuck.

    But, oh wait, I WON’T BE THERE. Man, my family is killing me these days! I miss ALL the fun!

  2. Sadly Maribel could not get the day off, she already had Saturday off for Avery’s birthday, damn.

    I like coconut, but I see I’m in the minority there.

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