when bloggers come a calling…

…… the blog suffers!  In anticipation of Chelsea’s visit, I am busy putting a bit of sparkle and shine on the place.  Even Mr. Onslow got a bath! Today was/is filled with mowing/mopping/car washing/carpet cleaning and yoga.  Tomorrow, grocery shopping and baking and yoga.

what does this mean? 

Reruns on Purlingswine ….. here is an entry from January 2004.  Back then I had three readers – now that your numbers are swelling to 12, I didn’t want any of you to miss it!


things that make me go hmmm….

When the girls were little I bought them some fanciful bubble making wands. I thought they were a terrific idea – so simple, yet so clever.

When we got them home and had our soap solution all set up, I was astounded (and disappointed) that the bubbles produced were standard issue. The wands were in all sorts of shapes – stars, hearts etc. – but the bubbles were plain spheres. I honestly expected the bubbles to take the shape of the wand! I am still a bit surprised that they don’t! The Boar thought this was hysterical, and couldn’t believe the depths of my simplemindedness. He launched into the explanation for why this is — something I understood at the time of hearing, but cannot remember now.

Such are my impressions of knitting on dpns. I am making a pair of mittens (what an ordeal this has been — have had to rip out three times). Knitting on three needles would lead one to think that the fabric would come out in a triangular shape — but no! it’s circular! hmmm…..

4 thoughts on “when bloggers come a calling…

  1. Things that deal with spacial relationships defy logic. Completely. I think heart, star and teddy bear shaped bubbles would be much cuter than round. :) Darn natural order of things… :)

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