I am shocked and horrified.  It is simply wrong what you people are doing!
To say that I am disappointed that so many knit bloggers disagree with my toilet paper placement would be putting it mildly.  very mildly! 

Ah, the knitbloggers — fun, interesting fiber lovin’ friends!  Just when I had thought I had found My Tribe, I find that they are altering the very nature of the universe.

Not only does nature abhor a vacuum, it also really, really hates it when toilet paper is coming out over the top of the roll …… which of course, is why bears do indeed shit in the woods. 

Don’t you know about this? It’s one of the lesser known books of the Bible ….

When God found out that the Bears had switched the toilet paper placement from under to over, He expelled them from the bathroom and into Eden. 

I think you know how the story ends.

It’s not too late — save yourselves!

8 thoughts on “WWJD?

  1. I have seen the error of my ways and am ashamed that people visiting my bathroom wiped their bums with toilet paper that unrolled over instead of under. I am indeed in the flamin’ handbasket plummeting towards hell since half the time the toilet paper never makes it to the dispenser and sits by the bathroom sink.

  2. Good point, Brooke. If you don’t put it on the roller, you don’t have to worry about under over.

    I swear I sat and stared at the roll while I was peeing before bed last night and tried really hard to see the benefits of having it come under. Nope. Didn’t see it.

  3. Brooke made me laugh. We specifically got one of those TP holders that don’t have the middle thing to take off–the hook kind. I have no real feeling on the under-over thing. I am just happy that it’s there when I need it. It’s true though–at hotels–to do fancy folds, it has to be OVER! And hotels must know!

  4. Sorry, Sweetpea, it’s OVER.

    But I’m with you on the plate stacking. I have for everyday use collected a number of blue & white antique china plates, no two alike. They MUST be stacked and used in order!

    Ian thinks I’m nuts. Can you imagine?

  5. I put the toilet paper on which ever way I grab it, but I do find that with having two small children putting the toilet paper under saves a lot of toilet paper from being spun onto the bathroom floor.

    Happy knitting!

  6. Freakin’ hilarious! I have to say, I’m kind of surprised at the numbers. Brooke — so funny! My sister remodeled several years ago and never got the dispenser put back up — she has a basket on the floor with T.P. and reading material. No worries!

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