Saved by Vicki!  I had nothing to post about today — I am working on the Retro Ribs done in the Trekking.  I have rounded the heel – it’s all terribly exciting.

Luckily for me and you, Vicki sent me this:


Pronunciation Key:  n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies – A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies

the challenge here will be whittling down the list to only five!

  1. Like Vicki, my plates need to be stacked in a certain order.  Are you listening Kathleen ye mocker of plate stacking???  If you followed that link, you will see that Kathleen posted a picture of my cupboard.  You will also have noticed that I have Fiestaware in four colors.  Now, one does not buy Fiestaware with the intention of setting the table in the same friggin’ color, does one?? No — that would not be a Fiesta!  I have devised a precise mathematical formula to guarantee that there is a Fiesta! on my table everytime I set it.
  2. My second idiotsyncracy can also be found in the depths of Kathleen’s post.  I do like to have my dishwasher loaded in a certain way – I feel that my system best facilitates the rapid unloading of the machine.  I am a model of efficiency.
  3. How about a fiber related one?  I like to wind all of my yarn on my wonder-winder.  Regardless of whether the skein is already set in a center-pull fashion.  This is more of an addiciton than an idiotsyncracy.  I love my wonder-winder – true love always.  Nothing you can say will get me to stop.
  4. Daughter #2 is telling me that I also like to have the laundry folded and stacked in a certain way.  I don’t know what she’s talking about!  It only makes sense to fold your clothes the same way everytime in order to maximize drawer space.  It is also expeditious to stack your clothes while folding, with the pants being the bottom most layer, followed by sweatshirts, shirts, underwear and socks.  If you make the base of the stack the biggest garment, then you greatly reduce the risk of your stacks tipping over and forcing you to fold everything all over again.  That is not an idiotsyncracy.  That is just GOOD COMMON SENSE.  Now that I mention it — all of my idiotsyncracies are just good common sense.      You may want to print this list out for yourselves to follow.
  5. And lastly — as everyone knows, the toilet paper needs to go under.  And if I use the facilities at your house – I will notice.

13 thoughts on “

  1. O.M.G. I have actually been known to remove and reinstall the toilet paper roll so that it comes OVER, like it’s supposed to!! I have not done it in a while, and don’t know if I ever had the audacity to do it at someone’s HOUSE, but I’ve done it (plenty of times) at work!

    Ya had me up ’til then, lady! Folding, I get THAT idiothing from my mother — though it doesn’t appear to have trickled down (yet).

  2. Over. It goes over, you freak.

    My children call my idiosyncrasies “anal retentive,” but like you, I call them COMMON SENSE. Nevermind the fact that I won’t let anyone else load the damned dishwasher because no matter what they do it WRONG! My therapist says it all stems from my desire to feel needed, but I think she’s wrong.

  3. ann’s s-i-l is one whacko – she will tell you.i have so many idios they are too numerous to mention. and afraid to list them but i will say that i go OVER too AND make that little fold that you find in nice hotels. i want my guest to feel ‘special’ ;-)

  4. Under?! What?! That’s insane. It’s closer to you when it’s over. At least two inches closer, depending on how much paper is on the roll. The more paper, the closer it is to you. Everyone knows that!! Geesh. Some people’s kids!

  5. Whoa, strike a nerve with many, myself included about the toilet roll. Wasn’t there a big brouhaha about this on Ann Landers column years back? I think the majority ruled for OVER – no one wanted the paper touching the wall. I’m just sayin’

  6. I see that you have some light green fiestaware. I’m thinking of buying the seamist color but can’t find it anywhere but online. Do you happen to know if seamist is really a light green (almost like a jade green) color like it appears online? I’m afraid I’m going to buy the seamist thinking it’s a light jade green and it’ll turn out a dark blue or something.

  7. I used to be an under girl. But then I married an over guy. We fought over it for years and, well, I gave up. Frankly I don’t care anymore. Whatever way I pick it up is how it goes on. If it’s under, he changes it. Frankly I liked the under, it seemed to work well with gravity and all but you gotta pick your battles.

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