good morning glory!

I have a few pictures to share with you – they represent the weekend’s fiber endeavors. 

OP8150091n Friday, Joy came over to light a fire under my ass in the spinning department.  Months and months ago, I bought and spun some alpaca.  Well, I finally finished spinning it and then Joy showed me some plying techniques.  Click here for a close up.  I have 206 yards of it — any thoughts?

She also got me to do a little stash diving and now, I am in the middle of spinning some great roving that I bought at Maryland – last yeP8150087ar!          ~I have to get this stuff finished before Rhinebeck~  Here are the details – it is 50% wool and 50% mohair.  The color is called Red Turnip.  If I remember correctly, I think I fell in love with the name and yes, I am that shallow! Care for a closer look?

While being face down in a pile of stash, I came across two skeins of Decadent Fiber – I forgot to take it outback with me during the photo shoot, so pictures tomorrow.  I completely forgot I even had this stuff.  Please tell me this happens to everyone else too!  I am thinking of knitting this  [thanks craftybitch!]  After I get the pictures up, perhaps you will either tell me it’s perfect or give me some good ideas.

Anyway, gotta run — Daughter #1 is having a bon-voyage party here tomorrow and things need to get done.  Why not let her just do it herself?  Because they need to get done MY WAY.

knock knock

who’s there?

control freak ……

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  1. Oh, I would totally have falled for the name Red Turnip, too. And the color is great.

    It’s about time you started spinning again! (I only say that because I haven’t been doing much of it myself, and I need to get back to it.)

  2. I think it’s all quite lovely. Having bought many an item called “Pansy,” I can totally relate to what may have come over you upon learning about “Red Turnip.” Totally. I fall for ANYthing named after ANYthing botanical, truth be told.

    Hey, if there’s a bon voyage party, then the voyage must be getting close! Kate’s going to be on pins & needles the next two weeks — anxious to get back to school, anxious to get it over with, anxious to be voyaging across the ocean blue! I’m sure it’ll be lovely and D#1 will be appreciative of your contr.. help.

  3. I think a snuggly Alpaca hat would be perfect for that lovely grey alpaca yarn!

    Red turnip is faboo! I’m jealous! I would have fallen for the name too, and the colors are simply divine!

    I often forget to take photos of things, hence my frequent bait and switch regarding pictures on my blog. I promise one thing and deliver another… ;)

    Good luck to your dear daughter!

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