frustrated freak

I make one lousy control freak.

before I tell you this, I want you to know that I am a very good hostess.  I throw nice parties.  People have said so.  I always have too much food and it gets loads of compliments.  I spend a lot of energy planning and cooking for a party.

Daughter #1 seems to have rejected this entirely.  Not only is today her 18th birthday (~sob~), but also the day she and a friend are co-hostessing a get together before they all go off to college.

Yesterday I went with the two of them to Costco.  I told myself it was so that they wouldn’t have any trouble using my card (which believe it or not, the cashier checked).  In reality, I wanted to make sure that they bought enough of everything they needed.

They went their way to do shopping and I went mine.  We met up later on — at this point, the other girl’s mother arrived on the scene to do some of her Costco shopping. 

So I take a look in their cart and tell them that they forgot to pick up side dishes (because this is a teenager’s party, I am not going to insist on homemade potato salad and coleslaw – the Costco brand will be fine). 

The other mother says – "Oh, the kids never eat that stuff anyway". 

And all the girls agreed.  And "No", they didn’t even want a green salad.

They are serving hamburgers, hot dogs and Doritoes.

There are about to be 25 teenagers here at my house for the next six hours and this is the menu.

I am sick to my stomach.

What is a control freak to do?

8 thoughts on “frustrated freak

  1. You should get a hamburger and a hot dog (nobody over 25 should eat a Dorito, it causes cancer in old people like us) and then go away and knit until it’s all over.

  2. Take slow, deep breaths. Let them take over. Kids don’t care about food. (Maybe bake a large quantity of some easy dessert, which you can bring out in the end to surprise them.)

  3. Breathe and relax. Someday they’ll understand the importance of salad, but today let them do their own thing and believe me it’ll all work out. :) Sit back, relax and knit … )

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