party post mortem ….

those of you who know me, know that I could never leave well enough alone.  I do not let sleeping dogs lie – I am a scab picker – and I will scratch it until it bleeds.   hmmmm  have I missed any other metaphors?

so, yes I admit it – I made a green salad and I also sliced up a watermelon. 

I will also admit that I threw half of the salad out.  Which means that someone at that party, and maybe more than one someone, ate green salad.

It was a marvelous affair.  They all seemed to have a great time – even when a food fight involving chocolate Costco sheet cake broke out.    And no, Kathleen was nowhere in sight.

as an aside —- go over to Kathleen’s site and ask her for her telephone number.  Kevin has a wonderful speaking voice – you should get an earful of him on their answering machine…..quite sexy.

Tonight I am off to Spinning Guild where I will be procuring one Drum Carder — hip hip hooray!

7 thoughts on “party post mortem ….

  1. Hurrah for salad! Thank you for introducing something healthy and green into the festivites. If only I could procure your services for this baby shower I’m co-hosting this weekend–I’ve got to make a watermelon basket!

    Have fun with the carder!

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