8 thoughts on “photo essay

  1. I’m so happy/sad for you…I always feel bad for the parents I run across in the Wal-Mart/Target on opening weekend. There’s this excited sadness in the air, with parents who are happy to have their kids in college, but want to take care of them still. And students who, even though they won’t admit it, are nervous and scared, but want their parents the hell out of there. Crazy time.

    Take care, hon, and knit on!

  2. Talk about bittersweet! How can someone who needs that sweet little teddy possibly be ready to go off on her own? It’s hard to let go, isn’t it? But exciting as well.

  3. Your little girl leaves and during the first break she returns a fine young independant woman. It is scary but satisfying & proud to see you have done so well.

  4. I remember Ted when he was fluffy and new. Clearly he is now the Velveteen Teddy. I am so glad to see Daughter #1 still loves him. Don’t worry Ted will keep a close eye on her.

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