Thanks buddies!  I knew that picture of the bear would get to you ….. or was it that pale and somber one of me?

I was telling Wendy, Daughter #1 has had that bear since the day she was born – actually a few weeks before that date – we were living in Michigan, I was nearing the end of the pregnancy and taking advantage of the department store’s (Hudson’s) air conditioning when my eyes locked onto Ted – it was love at first sight!  I don’t know if I was more upset to see her go or him!

Anyway, by all accounts she is having a great time.  Loves her roommate, loves the dorm, says the food is okay and is enjoying all of the orientation activities.  I have been keeping tabs on her through her away messages. 

I would say the strangest thing about her being gone is The Boar. Throughout his fatherly career Boar has been great – loving & supportive.  But the fact is, he has left me at the helm of the ship and has largely taken on the role of money-doler-outer and fixer of all things mechanical or possessing a mother board.  And occasional back-Ann-up-cause-she’s-about-to-blow sort of part.  I have been the organizer and discipliner, nutrition provider and schlepper.

Well, Boar is freaked out.  It has thrown him way off kilter.  On the second day she was there, Daughter #1 was invited to an off campus party (her roommate’s older sister is a junior at the university), D#1 has also met loads of people – including many of the boys in her cooed dorm.

All of this has Boar wigging out!  At first I thought he was joking around, playing up the father of daughter type of concern.  Why all of a sudden is her growing up throwing him off balance?  He has never quite known what is going on, so how is this any different?

He knew that I did.  You know the ‘I don’t need to know how the car works as long as it starts’ type of thing —- he knew that I knew what was happening and that was good enough for him.  (believe me – he does the same for me in other areas … blissful ignorance works in our relationship)

So anyway, now that I only have a sense of what is happening in D#1’s life, Boar is less than thrilled.  I know he wanted her to be happy ….. but maybe not quite so ecstatic.

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  1. Poor Boar. I remember the day my parent’s were driving me up to school, my father and I got into a HUGE fight. We barely spoke to each other the whole time they were dropping me off. In retrospect, it was really hard to say goodbye.

  2. Poor Boar. Maybe it dawned on him that his little girl isn’t little anymore. plus she may soon replace him with another fixer money doler outer. Why to kids have to grow up anyway?

  3. i think the big thing is that d#1 is speading her wings. d#1 has always been more of a homebody – boar always knew where she was. she was either at home or at the barn. how much trouble could she get into?but now…going to off campus parties with upperclassmen – it is too much too fast. he has no time to adjust. you both will get pass this.

  4. I had to laugh – here’s to marriages of blissful ignorance. I refuse to “know” how to clean the cars and he refuses to “know” how to make up the bed! Can’t identify with the daughter part, though because we only have sons.

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