have a seat!

EbayHave you guys seen this?  It arrived in an email from FA in PA.  It is an Ebay riddle —- the table is for sale and the question is:     How can you tell the seller is a man?

I for one, am thankful he’s not selling the chairs!

ps.  check the mirror for the answer …..

18 thoughts on “have a seat!

  1. This is so good I’m going to insist that my husband read the little joke. It is a joke right? haey thinks for visiting the blog. You are Ann? I’m in a confused state today.

  2. I remember hearing about a certain group of people (I don’t know if they’re organized) who list ebay auction with nude photos of themselves. i.e. a toaster for sale with a topless woman reflected in the side. I guess they’re like flashers in the subway…

  3. ewww. ewww. ewww!

    When I first saw the pic, I hadn’t read the post. I thought you were redoing YOUR dining room and I was all “oh no!” then I was all “eek!!” …LMAO…

  4. My sis in FL sent me this about a month ago and I thought to myself… is she sharing decorating ideas? Paying no mind, I deleted it. Now that I have the FULL picture, OMG. Will “little wonder” never cease.

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