secret pals rule!

Check out what arrived in yesterday’s mail. Prezzies!

not only that, but prezzies in cool packages!

with poetry. 

and chocolate.

Secret_pal_002 Secret_pal_005


how about some close ups?

This was a very well timed package.  Yesterday started off being a day to do some housework.  Just the usual stuff – dusting, bathrooms to be  scrubbed, vacuuming and mopping.

And then it morphed.

Into cleaning two cabinets.  And the entire pantry.  And organize the spices.  And go through all those freaking knick-knacks and box some up.  And wipe the walls. and, and, and ……

All the while bleeding profusely from feminie issues running amok.  And wishing I had never quit smoking.

And just when I thought I couldn’t take another minute, I went out to the mailbox and found a surprise!

**editor’s note:  I felt compelled through certain forces –  other people (and you know who you are) clamoring to know when I was going to post pictures and various canines getting into all sorts of mischief – to publish this entry before it was fully finished.  Please know that these ungodly blogging deadlines have forced me to forgo a corresponding poem and a full accounting of my present! a little hemp tote bag, a stuffed pig that I will be naming after my SP once she takes off her Invisibility Cloak, beautiful stitch markers, handy-dandy scissors, gum, a dark chocolate/espresso bar and my very, most favorite chicken/egg tape measure!!  thanks again SP – I’m still bleeding over here, but now I am happy!

6 thoughts on “secret pals rule!

  1. Wow. What a cool package. I love that bag. And the poetry…that was so cute. I hope you are feeling better and relaxing today. No cleaning! Go get a pedicure or something!

  2. What?! St. Albans Vermont?! Who the heck mails things from St. Albans Vermont, anyway? ROFLMAO. Oink-oink, cluck-cluck! The invisibility cloak is still on, though. You think you know, but you DON’T!

  3. Priority Mail from St. Albans, VT, and zero postage? How in the world does that work?

    Oh.My.God… the bleeding, the cleaning, the almost dying for a fricking cigarette all damn weekend. Don’t ask me how many times I wanted to smack someone for any ol’ thing. Was everyone TRYING to annoy me? Was there a sign on my back?? On the edge, for sure. Mack saved the whole damn thing, I’ll tell ya.

  4. Yay for secret pals with chocolate at times such as these! This is what my sister has dubbed, “the times when I feel like I’m crawling up a gravel road, dragging my uterus behind me.”

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