are the leaves falling?

Daughter #1 is off at college.  Daughter #2 has her first day of school today.  It is time to get back to schedules – back to work.  Enough basking in the sun!

If you have read this site over the past few weeks, you might wonder if there is any knitting going on here.  It’s not all puppies and penises (penii?) all the time ….Knitting_005

without further ado, allow me to present a One Skein Wonder.  Over the past three weeks I have knit five of these babies.  Great pattern – great look.  I bought the yarn at AC Moore —- it is some kind of cashmerino knock-off.  With the daughters no longer under one roof, there is no sharing of the wardrobes – thus the frantic knitting of enough wonders to go around.  By the way, Daughter #2 usually has much better posture than this photo would suggest!

I am also in the midst of knitting a Tsubasa Shrug.   My dear, dear friend Claire snorted when she saw this pattern.  She actually snorted!  She thinks it will be highly unflattering.   I told her I am channeling my inner Stevie Nicks.  She has advised I avoid anything that uses the word butterfly.  Now, no matter how it looks I must wear it as a point of pride.  Here is it so far.

Still waiting to be finished:  BWA Halcyon and Backyard Leaves.  I am making a solemn vow, once the shrug is done, I will complete one of these projects before starting anything else!

6 thoughts on “are the leaves falling?

  1. Beautiful model, beautiful sweater. Looks great. Should attempt one but daughters are….well…difficult. Let’s just leave it at that. Love watching you in your inspired mode.

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