no Vicki, that is not a boat on my front porch …..

Yesterday’s picture of the Tsubasa shrug was taken this past  weekend. Boar and I took a little day trip to Stony Brook Village.  The weather was glorious (still is!) and it was great to be motoring around in Onslow.  Daughter #2 was gadding about with her friends, so Boar and I were foot loose – practising for when we are truly empty nesters.

It is amazing that I have lived here on Long Island for the past 16 years and have not been to this village before – as a matter of fact, there are plenty of other places that I have failed to take in.  I will have to work on that and become a tourist in my own locale. 

<insert frustrated blogging here>

***so, here’s the problem.  I was trying to be tricky and use flickr to display the pictures I took.  Not only would I amaze you all with my mad photography skillz, but I would wow you with my blog stylin’.  I have spent all of my allotted blog time trying to make it happen, but this bunny just won’t come out of the hat!  anyone have a thought on what is going wrong here?

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3 thoughts on “no Vicki, that is not a boat on my front porch …..

  1. Ahem…I’m the one who asked if you had a boat on your porch, chunky my love. Vicki just had a follow-up question.

    Lovely pictures – faves are the lobster pager (classic) and the grapes. Oh and Hercules. But that one’s pretty funny.

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