and now for a little poetry ….

A Plight of Light

There is a moth inside my room
Tapping at the light
With a very stubborn persistence
But without a hope in sight,

He throws himself against the glass
Not concerned with pain,
Just looking for the things he seeks
(I fear his efforts are in vain)

There’s no point in his actions
That I can clearly see,
But something must be in this light
Where he desperately wants to be

And the life slowly leaves his body
With every crash and throw,
The cruel florescence has captured his life
With its pernicious glow

So as you curl up on the pane
Losing the final fight,
Little moth, I give this gift to you and yours:
I”ll turn my light off tonight!

**written and submitted to a poetry contest by Daughter #2 – not only good looking, but talented too!

**posted by her proud mother – who D#2 takes after in every way (at least when I’m bragging!)

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