I take it that no one knows a damn thing about Flickr.  Everyone has an opinion about a penis in the mirror, but Flickr, not so much.  "

But Ann, we don’t know anything about Flickr!"  and I suppose you all hold doctorates on the matter of a mirror’s reflective qualities??

I am off to work this morning – another session of knitting classes!  Did you see that the Fall issue of Knitty is up?

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  1. I know >< much about flickr-and only how to use it as it relates to typepad. Not real helpful, am I?

    But I do know if you look on the bottom of your flickr pages, I think bottom right? there are links to all kinds of flickr forums which have solved all of my technical difficlties.

  2. Alrighty, I used the “blog this” to post one of your pictures on my blog. That’s what it looks like if you have that function enabled.

    I think that is a crappy function, personally.

    To blog pictures, I go into flickr:

    Go to the picture I want to post, select all sizes at the top of the picture.

    This brings it up in all sorts of sizes, based on what you loaded it in. Pick whatever looks nice. My flowergirl basket looks best as a “small” picture.

    Underneath the picture, it gives two different versions of html-the top version, some people know how to use-I don’t. The bottom version I can pop into typepad’s html editor. I can’t, however, just put it into the screen I type entries into. I have to switch back and forth. So I load that chunk of html into the html editor, switch back to the text editor, and go back and forth until I have an entry.

    I have no idea if this is helpful or not?

  3. Hi … for some reason I haven’t been able to get to your blog. I have no experience with Flickr, so I’m not much help there.

    I have seen the new Knitty, but I’m not sure there’s anything in there I will be knitting. There is a lot of piquante items, and some tangy ones (that I’m not too keen on) and nothing mellow. I’m not quite at a piquante level yet … or so I think. I might try something though.

  4. Ah, the badge function. I’ve found that it is hit or miss in typepad.

    My best advice with the badge builder is to do your entire post and then add the badge code at the very end. When I’ve tried to switch back and forth between the editor and the post with a badge, I lose the badge. Off to experiment!

  5. Ok…I have an answer to your Flickr question. Sorry I would have replied sooner but I’ve been not keeping up with my blog reading.

    I have posted to my blog with a picture from Flickr. See: it’s the finished slippers.


    You go to the picture you want on the Flickr page and I’m assuming you are using a PC so right click on the picture to get the properties and copy the URL address for everything before the question mark.

    So for example your lobster pager at the clam bar would be this URL: http://static.flickr.com/22/41037345_37ccf5c2b8.jpg

    Just code it with img src and specify size and you’re good to go.

    Did that make sense? Let me know.

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