what is the Irishman’s code word for foreplay?

"Brace yourself!"

Brace yourselves darlings —- I have some FO’s!  In a radical departure, I have actually finished two projects.


they are being blocked as you read this. 

Does this count?  At what point is a project finished?  Are you a purist and believe it’s done when it’s done?  Or are you like me and the minute that thing isn’t in your knitting bag anymore, it’s finished?

6 thoughts on “what is the Irishman’s code word for foreplay?

  1. Weelll, I’m counting the shawl on my needles that is justaboutfinished a practical FO. If I can see the end in my mind – it’s done baby. Put a fork in it! LOL.

    Wishful thinking, of course.

  2. For me, an object is finished when I’ve sewn in the ends and it’s off the needles.

    I don’t consider anyone else’s objects finished until I see a picture on a blog however. Neener, neener.

  3. It’s not done until I’m happy wearing it out of the house. I sit here ‘wearing’ York (from Noro Knits); knit, blocked, seamed, ends sewn in – but a few ends need trimming, and it’s missing a zip. Not done until nothing further needs doing. ;)

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