Yesterday there was a catharsis.

And it feels real good.

While D#1 is off enjoying the life collegiate, I took the opportunity to go through her closet and drawers.  Bags for garbage and Goodwill were gathered.  I vaccuumed — behind the furniture

Whenever I go through a room, closet or drawer like this, it gives me such a good feeling that throughout the day I will return to it simply to gaze upon its structured beauty.  Its good, clean lines.  The poetry in the organization.

You would think that would be enough.  Should be enough.

But No!!    My happy good feeling was ruined by my very own closet.

I have a nice sized walk in closet. 1/4 of it goes to the Boar for his suits (how this arrangement came about is a conversation for another day).  5/8 of it goes to all the clothes that don’t fit and the remaining 1/8 is for those that do.


You don’t have piles of clothes that no longer fit?  The things that dreams/nightmares are made of?  You don’t also feel the despair and frustration of looking at those f-ing piles every morning?

I went so far as to tell myself that the pile of jeans ranging over four sizes not only might fit me some magical day but would also be great for craft projects

So now I not only got to have it on my weight conscience, it was doing double duty as a craft/stash guilt supplier!  aaaarrrrrhhhhh!

Well that is all over.

I emerged victorious and have six big garbage bags to take to a Katrina drop off site. 

Did I do this all alone?      nah!

10 thoughts on “conflagration

  1. I’m actually pretty good with the clothes. Although I’m sure one of those organize your life people would come into my closet and pass out – but still, every year or so I go through and purge. In fact, when it became clear I wasn’t going to work in an office environment any time soon and the clothes I had would never fit me again, I completely purged. At least ten suits and accoutrements to Dress for Sucess. I’ve been avoiding going through again, but there’s lots of stuff to send to Katrina victims. Thanks for the gentle push.

    PS – Got some last night! Damn I love that man! ;-)

  2. I had a large stack of skinny jeans that I moved from Wisconsin to Oregon where they graced the top shelf of the closet for a couple of years — and then moved ’em all back to Wisconsin! Eventually, I found my way to Weight Watchers and they were VERY handy as I worked my way down 50 lbs. As I worked my way from larger to smaller, the larger were given the boot! That was a long time ago… I could kinda use them back now.

    Good for you!!!! My closet is full of crap (to me) and this is an excellent time to clean it out.

  3. i assume d#1 said it was ok to raid her closet on behalf of katrina?if my mother cleaned out my closet for me i would be pissed.has d#2 joined the effort? sounds like a good cause. of course i have very little to donate since i purge all the time

  4. Cleaning a daughter’s room can also be dangerous. Sometimes you might find things that are better left unseen. I, too, cleaned the basement, closets and garage in the name of Katrina. With gas the price that it is, who can afford to go anywhere other than work and home. I dropped off six bags at a pick-up site. It was a good feeling and I knew all the items I gave them were not anything I would not wear myself. I hope it helps….

  5. I’m so there on the umpteen clothing sizes. I feel like if I finally dump all the too small stuff, I’m admitting that I’ll never be successful at controlling my body. Otoh, there IS a wonderful sense of control when the closet is manageable. One of these days….

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