why no post little ann??

I’ll tell you why!

  1. my PDA seized up on me —- and by PDA I do not mean public display of affection, I am talking about my life’s blood —- my palm pilot.  My Sony Clie to be exact.  I can live without a lot of things – but this is not one of them.  Of course I backed it up, but what good is that when the thing is completely frozen.
  2. after work, I had to by a new PDA – a Palm Zire 72 to be exact.  The Clie could not be resurrected and it had acted up before and had lost my confidence in its ability.  So off to CompUsA.  Whereupon I encountered a salesman/manager who would have been better off selling used jalopies on a tar lot somewhere.
  3. he really brought on some bad Mojo, I tell  you.
  4. after that I had to come home, and install the Zire.
  5. but first I had to go out back with all the reluctant dogs.  Why reluctant?  because we were in the midst of a deluge — side effects of Ophelia.  Do I like standing outside in the pouring rain waiting for dogs  – Poe to be exact – to get to it?
  6. No.  but he seems to think I do and likes to prolong my experience.
  7. have I tried just sending him out on his own?
  8. yes.  he is convinced that I am an integral part of the process and has held his bladder (until he comes back inside – where I am) longer than I ever thought possible.
  9. then I had to figure out why my laptop had seized up.  The CD rom drawer to be exact.  Usually a spot that is never used, but these devices come with start up CD roms.
  10. figured out to no avail and then had to install everything into the Boar’s laptop.
  11. was I happy?
  12. Oh No!  I was really having a total meltdown.  Just like my Clie.  Which started the whole thing in the first place.
  13. the entire afternoon & evening was spent transferring data.  Because of malfunctioning electronics, this took two laptops, one desktop and one PDA.  I also kept checking the Clie periodically to see if she was still dead. 
  14. She was.  And is.
  15. Did I do anything else?
  16. I screamed at Poe to quit chewing the power cords.
  17. and Lucy to quit trying to limbo under them.
  18. at midnight, I was ready for bed and went to get some water from the fridge.
  19. the shelf on the door let loose and there was soy sauce and glass shards and some kind of lemon liquor that my MiL brought back from her Italy trip all over the kitchen floor.

Italy sounds nice.

10 thoughts on “why no post little ann??

  1. Don’t forget to add soy sauce to the shopping list in the new PDA. That was pretty dang cool. ;-)

    So sorry my sweet for the craptastic day. Technology has often kicked my ass and left me in a sobbing heap. I’m sure the glass shards were the extra FU factor though. Hope today is better.

  2. Ooooh Nooooo! I’m with Cara, I thought that was a pretty cool contraption. I’ve tried to get someone/DH to see how indispensible it could be, but he ain’t buyin’ it. Literally.

    Better day!

  3. sorry about the lousy day…let me know what you think of the palm zire 72. i’m thinking of taking the plunge and am on the fence between that one and the tungsten E2

  4. I have loads of techno-gadgets. I loves me a good geek toy, I really do. I’ve never bought a PDA, though. Tell my why it’s so indispensible. (I’m serious here. I love the idea of a gadget that could actually improve my life instead of being a mere toy.)

  5. Hi Ann –

    I’m back from blogging hiatus starting Monday and am glad (?) to see your life is business as usual :-) I’ve missed you! I think the real tragedy in all of this is the loss of the bottle of Limoncello (goooood stuff).


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