before I tell you of the many ways things have gotten better, let me add to my litany of electronic woes ….

  • when D#2 got home from school the day of my meltdown, she announced that her scientific calculator had mysteriously gone belly up
  • when she got home from school yesterday she announced that her scientific calculator was just as mysteriously working again, but now her IPOD was acting crazy.
  • thinking I had put all my bad mojo behind me and believing in the motto that tomorrow is another day, I happily went to my laptop.  Which received me with some kind of dire warning about corruption in files.  I don’t know what it all means. 
  • When Boar rolls out of bed, he will make everything better.
  • I am typing this to you from Boar’s laptop.
  • I really like this laptop.
  • would switching laptops be as traumatic for him as switching sides of the bed?
  • I am wondering if this mayhem is being caused by sun flare ups or something.

enough about that.

onto how my mood has been improved …… go and see what Jackie made —– for me!! How fantastic is that??

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