Secret Pal

My Secret Pal is messing with me.

She has read my blog and decided either:

  1. I have had a harsh last day or two and she wants to brighten my world
  2. She wants to mess around with my already addled brain.

I think it’s number 2.

So here’s the scoop.  A few weeks ago, I received my first secret package – which was filled with wonderful goodies btw – and the return address was from St. Albans, Vermont.  Home of one swap participant.  Please also note that in her entry today, she confesses to loving to mess with minds, this could be a crucial clue.

In today’s mail arrived an envelope with a cute little blogger’s notepad in it and a card from my BP.  This time the return address was from Wisconsin.  hmmmm ……. I do know a certain cheesehead …. Now Vicki might give the outward appearance of being a kind and loving soul, but ever since she put down the coughin nails she has been a seething cauldron of god-knows-what.

So, does it follow that one of these two is my Secret Pal?  That one of them is crazy enough to actually mail things to the other to mail to me just in order to throw me off the scent?  Do either of these ladies know me well enough to know how much I delight in this kind of subterfuge?  And that I wish I had done this to my very own Secret Pal?

Is there any other blogger that I know who would be this ‘out there’, who would take total delight and chortling glee in this escapade?  who is probably giggling like a chimp as she reads this??

7 thoughts on “Secret Pal

  1. Alright, I was gonna comment on your other post and tell ya to quit your whinging and show an FO or 2!

    But I am pleased to read other bloggers are screwing with your head. I like that.

  2. How come I’m getting the blame. I told you – I AM NOT YOUR BETTER PAL!!!

    And for the record, my laughing was more like an evil cackle (MWAH HA Ha ha ha ha) than a chimp. Geez.
    Haven’t you heard of intelligent design? ;-)

  3. I can only quote Norma here: “Oink-oink, cluck-cluck! The invisibility cloak is still on… You think you know, but you DON’T!”

    You think that I think that Norma thinks that Cara thinks that you think you know, but there might be a little over-thinking going on. Huh?

    “Seething cauldron,” I’ll show you seething cauldron… You’ve got yourself a seething scorpion scauldron — and the moon is full!

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