ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio

I am completely spoiled.

First off, the Boar upgraded our tickets to first class for the flight here.  Secondly, I am staying in the all time nicest hotel ever – very, very swanky!   Furthermore, we have eaten here and here.  And the icing on the cake?  Yesterday, I spent the afternoon here.


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  1. we TOLD you the bellagio was the nicest place in LV.
    did you like the music set to the fountains? see there is a whole world outside long island. glad you made the trip

  2. I think I could have fun in Vegas… probably a real whole lotta fun! I had a blast in Reno and I can’t come up with a good comparison right now, but I think Vegas is probably a just a little bit better. ‘Specially when you go and up the swank factor like that! Are you gambling???

  3. I’m very jealous. I love the movie, Ocean’s Eleven, and see you standing in front of the dancing fountains with Brad Pitt & the gang. Hoping you had a great and profitable time. Enjoy Family & Friends Weekend @ school.

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