I hate writing posts after being away for awhile.  There is so much to tell and I don’t know where to begin ….. Vegas?  Parent’s Weekend?  The fabulously fantastic bag that awaited my return?? 

Vegas was really great —- as I posted before, I am completely spoiled.  (I wonder if Cara willVegas_trip mind turning down the covers for me at Rhinebeck?? and maybe Vicki could leave a little chocolate on my pillow …..)  Others who have been to Vegas tell me that I missed seeing a lot of the sights.  I was there on a work related trip with my Boar, and we were only there for 2 1/2 days.  Here is another picture of more beauty at the Bellagio.  I adore all of the glass work they have hanging from their ceilings!   I am not one for gambling – I suffer from betters’ remorse and so I only bet (and lost) three dollars.  Yes, that is correct – $3.00.

We took a rParents_weekend_010ed eye out of Sin City on Thursday night, landed in Newark and then hopped in the car and drove for about 5 hours to Daughter #1 and Parent’s Weekend.  My brother and SiL met us there on Saturday and we got to have a great time hanging out with them.  The weather was beautiful – a perfect fall day and D#1 loves it at school .  What could be better than that?

I’ll tell you what — coming home and having that fabulous bag waiting for me!

Seriously ladies, you need to follow that link and inundate Jackie with orders.  You won’t be sorry!  Plus she is donating the $$ to a Katrina fund.  So you can be altruistic and stylin’ at the same time!She is making some sweet, sweet bags I can tell you what. Beautifully constructed with wonderful, thoughtful details.  I especially love the heft/thickness of it — Jackie was very careful in lining this bag – stiff enough to stand up on its own, but not heavy.   

Rather than try to churn out some Rhinebeck sweater, you will all be able to pick me out in the crowd because I will be carrying The Definitive Knitting Bag.  It will bring tears to your eyes! 

oooo Rhinebeck is coming up!  did you see that you-know-who will be coming? did you know that the-other-you-know-who masterminded that plan??

was I the only one completely out of the loop??!!

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  1. Honey, you are perpetually out of the loop and once again I’M being blamed. All I said to V is that she could stay at my house? How is that masterminding a plan?

    Oh and I love the new blog. Loaded WAY faster than the old one. What did you do?

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