more from parents’ weekend

Parents_weekend_005 Parents_weekend_007

On the left is a picture of the Terra Cotta Building in Alfred NY.  The area was once home to ceramic and tile manufacturing.  At one time it was used as the tile company’s catalog.  Local residents used to buy the company’s ‘seconds’ and there are many tile roofs in the town – not only on homes, but barns and outhouses as well!

On the right is another Retro Rib, done in Trekking XXL.  As you can see, we went to the football game – a very close and exciting game which the Alfred team won in the end.  (I also took an in flight picture of the knitting, but can’t figure out how to move it from the pda to the computer).

3 thoughts on “more from parents’ weekend

  1. What a busy woman!! Now you need a week of rest to catch up EXCEPT that the house and all around it never wait. Glad you had a wonderful trip & quality time with the Boar. Very important.

  2. Sad to say, Parents’ Weekends have become old hat for us. We had four years at boarding school and two so far at college. Last year we had the distinct feeling that we were a bother to Abigail and Ryan. Not a bother, per se — but they had to do that they really could not afford the time to entertain the folks. So this year we’ve decided not to go. *sniff*

    But glad you had a great time. These are special moments…enjoy them while you can.

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